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XLog is an application that was developed in-house at Scientio LLC It has been decided that it is outside of their core interests, so they have donated it to the open source community.

XLog is a web log analysis program that can read the logs of either Microsoft's IIS or Appache, and generate useful statistics.
These include:
  • Graphs of visits over time for the site and target pages
  • Web site stickiness and visitor dwell times
  • Search engine terms
  • Page popularity
  • Graphical usage diagrams.
  • Referrer analysis

The application consists of two programs, XLog control, which enables the user to define what is to be mined and where the data is to be found, and XLog Batch, which is the actual analysis program, run as a command line application and consuming an XML config file generated by XLog Control.
Intermediate files are created in XML to facilitate further processing.

As it currently stands the project is stable, working with .Net 2.0.
Sciento originally intended to add more complex data mining capability, including real time dynamic optimisation of web sites, based on mined user behaviour.
This may still be possible with community involvement and making use of Scientio's planned open data mining / business rules web service coming soon at

Some reduced Screen shots:




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